This is how purpose-driven communicators become great

It's time to put together a resilient, impactful, resonant diversity, equity and inclusion communications strategy that delivers on your DEI strategy and organizational performance goals.

It's your chance to work 1:1 with me, Kim Clark, and a few other committed communicators to hone in on what being inclusive in your communications means in your organization and make it real.

Seating is very limited to ensure everyone gets personal and customized attention on their strategy.

Take this professional development opportunity

Guest Speaker Announced 

Coming to the DEI Strategic Communications Offsite is a game-changer for you and your work this year. It'll change the trajectory. You'll be better prepared. You'll enter into conversations with more confidence

Kim's mentor, Deborah L. Johnson, has agreed to come into the intimate setting of the Offsite to speak, guide, share.

You will gain so much by being at the Offsite. This is designed with you in mind. And now, you get to be in the room with a DEI legend. Don't miss this rare opportunity.


We'll work on:

  • Day 1: Assess your current plan 
    • Assessment of where your communications strategy is now
    • Design communication objectives of where you want to be
    • Exercises to fill out and build your DEI communications strategy
    • Ideation session
  • Day 2 Morning: Activate your new plan
    • Putting your DEI communications strategy together
    • Roundtable Q&A for burning questions
  • Day 2 Bonus Afternoon Workshop: Optional
    • Should you say something? Handling DEI pushback, coaching leaders, partnering with ERGs, preparing for the US election and more using The DEPTH Model social topics framework

After registration, you'll get all the details. 

  • All participants get 1:1 time and attention from me to review your strategy
  • All participants get Q&A time as a group to talk about your burning questions such as how to message awareness/heritage months/culture observances and the shift we're facing in this changing communications environment


  • All participants get a signed paperback copy of The Conscious Communicator: The fine art of not saying stupid sh*t, co-authored by Kim 
  • All participants get a "Welcome to Cali" gift package
  • Savings on one year of live group coaching
  • Savings on 10+ hours of DEI Communications Training
Get the full experience including the Bonus Afternoon Workshop

Position yourself as a strong communicator and strategic advisor 


Apply a DEI LENS to your Communications

Use our proprietary DEI LENS to strengthen your strategy: Language, Engage, Navigate, Strategize

Develop DEI Communication Strategies

Understand your 'why for DEI' and define the problems DEI communications are solving

Shift DEI Messages to Center Outcomes

Practice messaging without using DEI terms that resonate with all your employees and mitigates pushback

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence in advising leaders, guiding the team and navigating perspectives and crisis situations

Your registration includes:

  • The elements of a DEI communications strategy - what you need to go back to the office with a powerful comms strategy
  • 1:1 time with your host, Kim Clark
  • Group "hot topic" time to be a think tank and idea exchange for our toughest challenges
  • Signed Conscious Communicator: The fine art of not saying stupid sh*t book co-authored by Kim Clark
  • Hotel room discounts - including over the weekend so you can come early or stay later and play!
  • A gorgeous place to work - beach, sun and sand
  • A "Welcome to Cali" gift package
  • Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks on both days that accommodate a variety of dietary needs
  • The hotel is accessible for people with mobile disabilities
  • Parking is plentiful across the street from the hotel
  • Walk to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (arcade, amusement park rides on the weekends, bowling), restaurants, a 2-mile pathway along the ocean to walk, run or bike, several restaurants at the wharf and at the hotel, short distance to downtown Santa Cruz (it's walkable)
  • Monthly payments available

Registration does not include:

  • Travel, hotel or transportation
  • Dinners, cocktails, events outside the workshop or incidentals


High praise for Kim Clark:


"Thank you does not seem fitting enough to express my gratitude for facilitating the session. The amount of engagement in the chat shows me how impactful and relevant this topic is for our team.

YOU ARE THE TRUTH and know that I will be calling on you for both professional and personal discussions."


"Kim, thank you for your approach, thoughtful sharing of knowledge and sensitivity with which you fielded questions. You have, no doubt, unlocked important conversations."


"I just finished an incredibly eye-opening and educational course led by Kim Clark. So many notable takeaways, action items, and more than anything, the added DEI lens that I now use in all my communications and marketing efforts."


"From the very beginning of the training I was riveted. The thought leaders in this area gave me so much to ponder and to take home to both my work my friends and my family."


"Thank you for your continued thought leadership and commitment to empowering effective and conscious communication."


"This was SPOT on! Kim is clearly very passionate and a great representative of the DEI space."

Take your seat at the table

This Offsite is for...

  • Communicators with or without DEI strategies in their organizations.
  • Communicators with or without a communications strategy.
  • Communicators who are serious about learning how to apply a DEI LENS to their work for maximum impact. 

About Kim Clark Communications

Kim Clark Communications, Inc. is the go-to firm for DEI communications and social topic messaging using our proprietary DEI Communications LENS Method.

We believe language leads to behavior. We believe visibility drives accountability. We believe in education, context, urgency and empathy. 

We believe no DEI efforts can be successful without effective communications.

Every organization doesn't have to "say all the things." Every organization just has to say THEIR thing. That's what we help our clients do.

Keynotes. Breakout Sessions. Strategic Consulting. Workshops. We attune to where you are and where you want to go.

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