Bring the power and possibility of diversity, equity and inclusion together with the power and possibility of language to your work.


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Learn the key principles of DEI Communications & get Coaching for a year

Our DEI communications on-demand video course and coaching is designed for communicators to learn and apply Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to their work every day.

Our organizations need us right now. Our employees need us. Our leaders need us. Someone needs to lead the language. And language leads to behavior and action.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of our role and responsibility in DEI.¬†
  • Get started in building skills necessary to lower the risk of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.¬†
  • ¬†Get a year of group coaching with the course facilitator and your peers.

An effective DEI communication strategy is THE way our colleagues and leaders will experience the benefits of DEI. 

It's time we tell the story. 

See What's in the Course

This course is for...

  • Corporate and Organizational communication folks:¬†Internal communications, corporate communications, executive communications, strategic communications, department-level communications such as Finance, IT, HR, etc.¬†(whether it's an official part of your title or not) across any industry
  • Content creators¬†and¬†social media¬†folks
  • Marketing¬†and¬†Brand¬†folks
  • Executives¬†and¬†people¬†managers
  • DEI practitioners and Employee Resource Group communication leads
  • PR Agencies¬†and¬†Brand Strategy Agencies
  • Non-profit¬†and¬†government¬†folks
  • Communication consultants

This course is exactly what you need to deepen your impact as a communicator. 


What's Inside the Course

  • Level 1: Foundations
    • What DEI is and isn‚Äôt
    • The context for DEI in the workplace
    • The role and responsibility of the communicator in DEI efforts
    • Your why for DEI
    • What problem are you solving?
    • Unconscious bias in communications
    • Inclusive communications
  • Level 2: Microaggressions & Allyship
    • Microaggressions and their impact on culture and communications
    • Calling in and the art of apologizing
    • Getting unstuck from the fear of saying the wrong thing
    • Allyship & Accompliceship as a communicator
    • The 3Cs of Culture Moments¬†
    • Four signs of performative communications
    • Introduction to The DEPTH Model
  • Level 3: Strategic Leadership & DEI Communications Strategy
    • Elements of a DEI communications strategy¬†
    • Actionable employee storytelling
    • Measuring moments that matter
    • Engaging leaders¬†
    • Proactive DEI narrative fills the void
    • Unifying a polarized workforce
    • Bringing LENS all together: Language, Engage, Navigate, Strategize
  • Apply what you learn immediately to your work:¬†Worksheets to take notes and brainstorm ideas to build out your storytelling, strategy, and talking points with stakeholders¬†
  • Live Group Coaching Calls once a month¬†with Kim Clark -- achieve your performance goals and be in community with your peers
  • DEI Communicator¬†Certificate of Completion that demonstrates your commitment to uniquely integrating DEI¬†into your work
  • *BONUS* conversation with Social Activist and DEI Leader, Deborah L. Johnson on the context for DEI and navigating DEI backlash
  • *BONUS* signed paperback copy of The Conscious Communicator: The fine art of not saying stupid sh*t, co-authored by Kim Clark¬†
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With our DEI Communications Course & Coaching, You'll Be Able To...

Apply a DEI LENS to your Communications

Make your writing more inclusive so all of your employees see themselves represented in DEI work

Develop DEI Strategies

Strategically take the next steps to create a well-defined and impactful DEI communications strategy and plan

Gain Confidence

Gain the confidence and expertise needed to lead and guide others in DEI communication strategies

Shift DEI Messages to Center Outcomes

Understand your 'why of DEI' and define the problems DEI communications are solving


What people say after workshops with Kim:


"Thank you does not seem fitting enough to express my gratitude for facilitating the session. The amount of engagement in the chat shows me how impactful and relevant this topic is for our team.

YOU ARE THE TRUTH and know that I will be calling on you for both professional and personal discussions."


"Kim, thank you for your approach, thoughtful sharing of knowledge and sensitivity with which you fielded questions. You have, no doubt, unlocked important conversations."


"I just finished an incredibly eye-opening and educational course led by Kim Clark. So many notable takeaways, action items, and more than anything, the added DEI lens that I now use in all my communications and marketing efforts."


"From the very beginning of the training I was riveted. The thought leaders in this area gave me so much to ponder and to take home to both my work my friends and my family."


"Thank you for your continued thought leadership and commitment to empowering effective and conscious communication."


"This was SPOT on! Kim is clearly very passionate and a great representative of the DEI space."

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About Kim Clark Communications

Kim Clark Communications, Inc. is the go-to firm for DEI communications and social topic messaging using our proprietary DEI Communications LENS Method.

We believe language leads to behavior. We believe visibility drives accountability. We believe in education, context, urgency and empathy. 

We believe no DEI efforts can be successful without effective communications.

Every organization doesn't have to "say all the things." Every organization just has to say THEIR thing. That's what we help our clients do.

Keynotes. Breakout Sessions. Strategic Consulting. Workshops. We attune to where you are and where you want to go.

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